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The European F3 Open was created in 2009 by GT Sport, who has been the official organizer for a decade of the championships such as Spanish GT / Iber GT, Spanish Formula 3 and International GT Open.

In 2018 the Euroformula Open will enter its tenth edition, having enjoyed a growing success in terms of excellence and quality of entries, raising interest, exposure and geographical expansion.


Today Euroformula Open is...

- The best platform to enter F3 racing at the moment

- The series offering the highest F3 racing performances

- The F3 championship with the best cost/exposure ratio

- The F3 championship with the biggest number of Dallara F312s, most recent F3 car developed and built by Dallara

The Euroformula Open philosophy is to keep rules simple and stable during the years, maintain costs under control, visit only top-level circuits, offer professional level formation for drivers, and provide premium TV/media coverage.