Catching up with EF Open newcomer Yves Baltas


Baltas, who was born and raised in New York City, will make his debut in the Formula 3-based series this season at the wheel of a Fortec-run Dallara F312

How do you look back on your first steps in motorsport? Do you have previous racing roots in your family?

Looking back on my first racing steps, it all comes down to karting, I started very young at the age of 5 so it was a great initial step with setting up the foundation. I did not come from a racing family background, it started off more as a fun activity that turned in to something very serious pretty quickly. 


From that point forward we transitioned to cars and started testing at age 13 within the United States. To find the best pedigree we decided to go the European route due to the level of competition matched with the best preparation.  My first year I  decided to do British F4 which was a good starting point but definitely wanted to do something more international with a car with additional downforce and more power


Why did you choose to compete in the Euroformula Open? 

I chose to compete in Euroformula Open because of the amazing formula car, the historic racing circuits and the competition, which should be very intense next year! It is one of the best series that provides the opportunity to continue to grow as a driver at a very elite level. 


What is in your opinion the car's strenghts?

The car’s strengths for sure is the massive amount of downforce balanced with enough power that will make for great racing this season for sure!


What exactly is the goal you are trying to achieve this season?

I feel that every driver is going for the Championship of course, that's just racing instinct. It will be a learning season with the new car and tracks while also being one of the youngest rookie's on the grid. I have a great team and support behind me and I will do my best to translate that in to strong results. 


You will be visiting eight of the Europe's most iconic circuits. For an American racer like you, what do Monza or Spa-Francorchamps mean?

One of the main reasons to do the Euroformula Open championship is for the iconic tracks, so it is very exciting! These are legendary tracks I would watch some of the best F1 drivers race at so for me to race Monza and Spa is amazing. It is also great experience to have at these tracks that I will be racing at in the years to come. 


How are you coping with the off season?

I think racing at this level you really do not have an off season. Although you spend less time at the track you are constantly working with your team with regards to fitness, nutrition and a significant time in the sim. You want to be as best mentally and physically prepared going in to the testing season.