Catching up with 2018 Euroformula Open Champion Felipe Drugovich (RP Motorsport)


Felipe Drugovich secured the 2018 Euroformula Open title with an amazing double win at Monza, still with two rounds to go, in his RP Motorsport-run Dallara F312. Drugovich scored fourteen wins out of 16 races, a record who never achieved before. The Brazilian Champion explains his season and plans ahead.

You delivered a record-breaking season. Were you expecting such an amazing performance?

To be fair, no! For sure I was expecting to be fast and be one of the top guys, because of my victory last year in Barcelona, but not to be that good as it was this year!

What was the key factor or factors for your results throughout the season?

I think it was a result of a lot hard work for myself and the team made us so strong. Trying to understand what I should do at every moment I am on track and, with that, being able to put everything together.  

Which win are you most proud of achieving this season? Which one was the most difficult to claim?

The two wins at Monza were just spectacular! Being able to win both races and grab the title in advance in the team’s homeland, which was very special! They were also the most difficult one, because of the long straights and slow corners, and above all the slipstreaming makes your race extremely difficult to pull away clear from the other drivers. It is so easy to be overtaken! But that just made them more special!

Who do you consider were your strongest rivals?

Throughout the season, Viscaal made a big step, so for sure he was the main rival.

Tell us how was to work with RP Motorsport

Working with RP Motorsport was just awesome! The team had that calm environment that just made it so easy to work with! Probably the best environment I have ever had in a racing team!

Which plans do you have for 2019?

We don’t have anything decided yet! The normal step should be the GP3 / F3 International for 2019, but can’t say if it is going to happen or not!

Tell us why you recommend the Euroformula Open championship for those youngsters looking for a programme in 2019

First of all I recommend the championship because of the car. It’s so satisfying to drive a Dallara F312, because everything works perfectly! Second, the championship is very well organized and everything works as it should. And last but not least, the tracks we drove were mainly F1 tracks, so they are mostly the best tracks you can drive!