Das denies Crawford the triple in dramatic final Euroformula race of weekend


Motopark’s Cameron Das took his fourth Euroformula win from six races this season in a dramatic final run of the day at Circuit Paul Ricard.

After taking victory and fastest lap in race two of the weekend, Das’s team-mate Jak Crawford got to start from pole and with CryptoTower Racing Team’s Louis Foster alongside him on the front row of the grid.

Foster took the lead from Crawford around the outside of the first corner, and had the pace early on to not worry about the battling Americans behind. Das passed Crawford at turn 10 on lap three of 16, but Crawford took second place back by going out wide then cutting in at the next corner. It didn’t last, as Das was ahead again at turn 12, and Double R Racing’s Joshua Mason was watching the podium fight closely from behind.

Crawford reclaimed second place at the final corner on the next lap, and he then threatened Foster for the lead. Their first duel was at the Mistral chicane on lap six, and the top three ended up going three-wide into turn 10. They avoided contact, and on the next lap Crawford successfully passed Foster for the lead. Das tried following through, but couldn’t snatch second.

Foster was in a fighting mood and repeated his move from the start of the race to go back into first place, and the Motopark drivers then feuded over second. Crawford came out on top of that fight, and the next time he went for Foster it ended in drama as the pair made contact and Foster fell down the order. The lead was won by Das a few moments later, and he then had his mirrors full of Crawford for the remaining laps.

“Win from pole is always nice, but a win from any position behind that is even more gratifying,” said Das. “I got a really nice move around Jack at turn 11, then I kind of gave it up at the next corner so I was really, really mad, so I just had a fire in my eyes and I had to win the race after that.”

The top two pulled away by several seconds at the end, and it was Van Amersfoort Racing’s Rafael Villagomez who finished third. Nazim Azman (CryptoTower) was fourth, and Enzo Trulli (Drivex) was fifth.

Foster dropped to eighth but recovered to sixth, ahead of Mason and Casper Stevenson (VAR). Filip Kaminiarz (CryptoTower) was en route to ninth when he spun at the final corner, and Double R’s Zdenek Chovanec passed Drivex’s Enzo Scionti there for the position. Kaminiarz ended up as the final finisher behind Vivien Kesthelyi (Motopark).