Euroformula Open prepares for technical upgrade of its car and tyres, to be introduced in 2023


During the recent round at Monza, the plan for the technical upgrade of the Euroformula Open, timed for 2023, was presented to the team owners and managers of the squads present. Jesús Pareja (CEO of GT Sport), Julien Vial (Director Customer Racing Europe at Michelin) and Jos Claes (Head of the Dallara 320 program at Dallara) explained the objectives and phases of the project, aimed at keeping the Euroformula at the cutting edge of motorsport technology.  

The major technical upgrade to be introduced in 2023 to the internationally recognised and acclaimed Euroformula championship will include the arrival of an updated chassis and body kit for the lightweight Dallara 320 and new 17-inch tyres from Michelin.

Since 2020 the series has been racing with Dallara’s latest innovative single-seater design that focused on ‘added lightness’ as well as Formula 1 safety standards with a strengthened crash structure and the halo cockpit protection device. As occurred in the past, after its first three-year cycle of use, the car will be upgraded to remain in line with the forefront of motorsport technology.

The move from 13-inch to 17-inch wheels follows Formula 2 and the F1 world championship's similar increases in size, and with Michelin - which has signed a contract to remain as Euroformula’s exclusive tyre supplier - there will be a new compound developed that will reflect advances in road-going rubber.

Dallara’s update kit will aim to keep the 320 car’s aerodynamic efficiency, performance and weight as close to current levels once the wheel diameter is increased, with computational fluid dynamics work and co-operation with all of the parts suppliers in the series to make the car more competitive than ever and to retain Euroformula’s status as one of the fastest racing series in Europe.

The research phase of the project has recently started, with design and testing to follow during the winter and most of 2022.