León leads the free practice at Red Bull Ring


The Euroformula Open resumed after the summer break with current points leader Noel León reaffirmed his status in the free practice at the Red Bull Ring topping the combined rankings of the three sessions.

Warm and perfect weather welcomed the EF contenders, with session 2 of Friday morning, still with mid temperatures, proving the fastest one for everybody. The Mexican of Motopark posted a best time of 1.23.396, resulting also the fastest in the two other session.

Debuting in the Euroformula, Josh Dufek (CryptoTower) was second-fastest, 0s658 behind, followed by Francesco Simonazzi (BVM Racing) 0s807 and local hero Charlie Wurz (CryptoTower) also at his debut in the series.

Cian Shields and title contender Bryce Aron followed, ahead of Jakob Bergmeister and the two Gold Cup contenders, Vladimir Netusil and Paolo Brajnik.

On a separate note, Noda Racing has withdrawn its entry from the event.